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The Law Office of advocate Łukasz Niziorski renders legal services covering various branches of Polish law, mostly for domestic business Clients, in the Polish and English languages. For many years now the Law Office has been rendering its services on a basis of a permanent legal assistance agreement to Clients representing different areas of business.

The Law Office mainly operates in the Silesian metropolitan area and Cracow. However, it is possible to agree upon activities in other parts of the Country, and even abroad. Most significant of those have so far involved consulting services during the technical and commercial negotiations conducted by the Client.

Correct identification of Client’s best interest and the subsequent choice of such legal tools that are most suited to actualize such interest are the core of the methodology of the Law Office in every case. Establishing and maintaining full mutual understanding between the attorney and his Client is of utmost importance.


Years of Experience

Knowledge and Skills

Advocate Łukasz Niziorski earned his Master’s Degree in Law at the Silesian University’s Law & Administration Faculty in Katowice. He completed his traineeship at the Advocates’ Bar in Katowice and passed the Bar Exam. He is most experienced in private law. He has extensive experience as a trial lawyer. He has the following English language certificates: CAE – of general English skills, and TOLES Higher – of legal English skills. He has completed the School of American Law organized by the University of Silesia, the Loyola University New Orleans, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the University of Toledo. He is interested in a broad spectrum of humanistic knowledge.

Attitude & Infrastructure

The Law Office of Łukasz Niziorski is open to solving legal problems and handling cases covering various fields of Polish law, also beyond the well-known areas of expertise. Flexibility and tackling various challenges – are the vision of this legal practice.

The above described attitude comes from experience. The Law Office has independently and successfully handled cases involving diverse, often intermingling branches of law.

The Law Office has been investing in resources of an up-to-date legal knowledge in order to maintain its universal profile.

Being located within the Silesian metropolitan area, the Law Office is able to reach numerous courts and local authorities fast and easy, which contributes greatly to the general efficiency of its operation.


At the moment, the Law Office is most experienced in the following areas:

Personal rights protection

Including defamation in the Internet.

Legal assistance in all contract-related matters

Especially involving contracts in investment projects (sale, delivery/supply, specified project completion, construction works, and mandate/agency).

Commercial Law

Especially the law of commercial partnerships & companies.

Civil Litigation

Including civil enforcement proceedings.

Rules of cooperation

§ 1. How to make contact?

New Clients are requested to use the contact form below. As there are no counselling hours designated - there is no guarantee of obtaining any advice by visiting the Office in person without proper arrangement.

§ 2. When to make contact?

It is best to use legal advice before entering into any kind of legal relationship - in particular, before signing any kind of contract (even seemingly harmless), and if this has already happened - immediately afterwards. It is highly recommended to use legal advice before engaging in any form of transnational legal relations.

§ 3. How much does it cost?

As each case is unique, all legal services are rendered in exchange for remuneration that is determined individually by taking into account, among others, such factors as: complexity, workload, travel costs, and the final result.

§ 4. Where does the cooperation take place?

Legal services are normally provided in the Silesian metropolis and in Cracow. Cooperation beyond the aforementioned places is possible, but its terms and conditions must be specifically agreed upon beforehand.

§ 5. What sort of Clients does the office work with?

The Law Office offers legal assistance mainly to domestic entrepreneurs. It is however open to cooperation with all other domestic and foreign Clients.

§ 6. What languages are used?

The Law Office offers legal assistance in the Polish and English languages. It has assisted its Clients in various business negotiations with foreign contractors.

§ 7. What types of cases are handled?

The Law Office provides legal assistance in various fields of law. For more details see LEGAL SERVICES.

§ 8. Which values must be respected?

Advocate-Client relationship is based on mutual observance of the rules of trust, sincerity, confidentiality, fairness, loyalty, and respect. Authentic implementation of these rules into each and every case of cooperation is considered to be the prerequisite thereof.

§ 9. When does the cooperation begin?

It is entirely within the Advocate’s discretion whether any form of legal service will be accepted and rendered. Decisions in this respect are made having regard to the best interests of the Client, particulars of a given case, and other factors. No information presented on this website is intended to suggest that the Law Office guarantees to perform any service. A mere fact of talking about a case with a lawyer does not amount to any kind of obligation to perform legal services.

§ 10. Specific types of cases.

As regards divorces, The Law Office only represents the Party demanding that the case be dismissed. This Law Office does not handle cases regarding pension schemes.